Blend something good, people will enjoy it.
Keep doing it right and people will keep coming back for more!

ATCO’s Wearhouse at Mohali is presently capable of storage in excess of 5 lac Kgs and average inventory maintained is about 1.5 lakh kg. The ATCO’s Automatic Packaging Plant is capable of blending and packaging about 20000 kgs per day in a shift of 8 hours. 

In a world of online sales, ATCO still hold a record of queues at our retail counter in sector 26, Chandigarh. ATCO had sold nearly 4 times the combined sales of TATA, HUL Marvel and all other competitors combined in Chandigarh. The retail store in Chandigarh is also the largest single retail counter of tea in India with retail customers and resellers/distributors flocking the stores.