ATCO Kadak Tea

Wake up to a jolt of energy with ATCO’s Kadak tea. Its purity in colour and taste is derived from a formula maintained over 5 decades. The energy of this Tea has entered the bloodstream of our country. It’s supplying vigor to every Indian to rewrite the destiny of our nation. Keep your integrity and grit intact with the power of ATCO’s Kadak Tea pack.
Atco kadak packaging
Atco special packaging

ATCO Special Tea

This tea is a blend of ATCO’s rich legacy of 5 decades. It has proved resilient to the changing times and persevered in stringent quality & taste. Till date, 200 cups of tea are tasted everyday to select the best tea lots from the gardens of Assam. The freshness and fragrance of this tea is maintained because it goes through the shortest journey from the gardens to your cup by cutting the middlemen in between.

ATCO Premium Tea

This tea is handpicked from the gardens of Assam to craft a taste that’s rich in flavor and freshness. The blending of our Premium Tea is painstakingly undertaken with due consideration to its origin, granule size and density allowing you to indulge in the goodness of Assam’s rich soil and rain. Every sip taken is an experiential of privilege matched to the likes of royalty.
Atco premium packaging