About 200 cups are tasted daily by Sh. Baldeep Singh himself and then the selected best lots are bid upon. The blending is carefully decided keeping in mind the origin, granule size, ratios, density and volume of the final blend.

The ATCO Leaf takes the shortest time to reach from Assam Tea Gardens to your cup!

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To fulfil our commitment to ATCO consumers, we depend on a reliable source of the highest quality tea. We work closely with tea estate gardens and affiliates, lending a dependability that keeps them resilient– especially during economic uncertainties and climate change. Our long-term relationships with farmers foster sustainable practices on farms and surrounding landscapes, thus, improving the yield and quality of harvests.  

After hand picking the most premium tea leaves from the gardens of Assam, we bring them to our Wearhouse in Mohali. Here is it blended with utmost perfection and undergoes stringent quality checks. Our automatic packaging ensures highest levels of hygiene. The packs are then directly sent out to retail shops from where they reach the consumers’ kitchen. There are no distributors or dealers in between, hence achieving the minimum logistic time possible of the tea leaves from Assam to your cup. This is how we help you sip the freshest Assam tea.